Coronavirus (Covid-19)

What travelers to The Netherlands need to know about the coronavirus.

As of this week The Netherlands is statisticly one of the countries with the most people infected with the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Estimates are based on about 7.000.

The Netherlands is a densely populated country where the risk of contamination is high. To avoid worse the Government has taken a number of measures*:

  • Avoid personal contact as much as possible
  • Work remotely if possible
  • Avoid traveling
  • All cafes and restaurants are closed (only takaway and delivery at home is open)
  • All sportscenters, swimming pools etc are closed
  • Most publice buildings, musea etc are closed
  • Events are held only with a maximum of 100 people
  • All schools are closed

* Apart from the order to wash hands, keep clean, keep distances etc.

Those measures are currently valid up to 1 june.

What does it mean for your travel plans?

If you have plans to travel to The Netherlands at this moment it might be good to review that. At this moment there’s not much to do in terms of eating, drinking, visiting places apart from the fact that the risk of infection is enormous.

If you already arrived, the only option is to go to where there are less people, like beaches, forests and moorlands.

Known announcements

  • Kings-day on 27th April in Maastricht is cancelled

… will be updated …

Overview of Virtual Museums in The Netherlands during the Corona Crisis

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, many museums at home and abroad are closed. The same applies to The Netherlands. But a lot of our fantastic museums opened their online doors for you. A selection from the virtual online offers from the museum world. Of course, you should visit the museums afterward in real life as well.

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